Monday, June 3, 2013

New Series Teasers

by Crazy Ivan

I put up a post on Wednesday about a new series in the works.  And although I wrote a really long post about it, it's been pointed out to me that I actually give absolutely no details at all about what to expect from the new series.  I spend the whole post talking about how excited I am about it and why I'm excited about it, but I don't say anything at all about the series itself.

I'll admit that part of that was an accident.  I did mean to sneak a few teasers in there when I first set about writing that post, but I got so into recalling all the new series that have come and gone that I spent the whole post being nostalgic.  And when I look back over it, I kind of feel bad for anybody who read through the entire post looking for a few hints about what's coming.

So I decided to write a whole new post just to offer a few cryptic clues about some of the new colors and fabrics that are coming.  Keep in mind that we're still a ways off from the debut.  The Myachis are being manufactured now so unless we fly a few in, it could be months before any of these are available on the shelf.  But it's never too early to get excited, is it?

To be perfectly honest, I don't know 100% what will and won't be included in the series.  As far as I know, all the fabrics are settled and we're actually in the process of manufacturing them, but I've seen enough of these to know that it's never too late for something to change.  Heck, when the Red Line showed up, we didn't know about it until the Myachis hit store shelves!  So I preempt everything I say here with a warning that chaos is looming and anything can happen.

By far, the most buzz-worthy sack of the 5.4 series was the Starburst.  It had been a while since we'd done a good shag and this one was a lot more than just a "good shag".  It's a great jammer and has a really cool color, design, pattern... whatever.  It's been an incredibly strong seller with both the guys and the gals and it looks fantastic in a jam.  No wonder, then, that one of our first priorities in this new series was to find a legitimate "sister sack" for the Starburst.  And all I'll say is that we did.

Another them of the previous series was re-releases.  We brought back several incredibly popular patterns (like the Aztec Red and Blue Labyrinth) in this series and it was pretty well received.  With that in mind, if I'm recalling correctly (and nothing changes) there will be three re-releases in the new series.  One is a very recent sack, one is semi-recent and one is from way back.  I don't want to give too much away, but I will say that one of these re-releases is something I've been looking forward to for about 5 years.

The only other teaser I'm going to offer is that this will be a really fun series with a much more muted palette than the last one.  There are a few brightly colored sacks, but by and large it will be a slightly darker series.  Skull and crossbone patterns and camouflage are always really popular, so expect to see at least one of each.  Beyond that, I'm not saying a word.

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