Monday, January 31, 2011

A Very Myachi Schedule

by Crazy Ivan

It's a quarter after nine and all of the regular people are either at work or off of work, but I'm somewhere in between.  I suppose that's one of the particulars of being a Myachi Master that we all eventually learn.  Like Inspector Gadget, we're always on duty.

I guess I don't have to point out that I'm writing a blog and thus contributing in some small way to Myachi's intended dominance of the entire Internet, but I think it's worth inventorying the actions of all the other Myachi Masters at the House of Skills this evening.

We have a full house for the first time in a long time.  Maverick and Animal are just back from vacation and Kore and Monk are just going on vacation.  Kid's been gone doing trade shows in the midwest for the last week and a half as well so the HOS was pretty quiet for a few weeks there.  But now everyone is here on the same day for the first time in 2011 and it's nice to hear all the foot tricks creaking on the floors above me.

Animal is learning new foot tricks and Maverick is helping.  Pinky and I share a basement apartment so I can hear the rat-ta-ta-tat of a Clipper Delay variation above me.  It's pretty regular, which means that Animal is really working up a sweat.  It also means that he's going to have a new weapon next time we play MYACH so I should probably be doing some reconnaissance.

Monk is a floor above them working on the schedule.  He's technically on vacation but he had some finishing touches to put on things before he can really relax.  I'm certain that once he's done with that he'll go back to working on the Myachi video he was editing earlier in the day.

Kid is one floor above him in the attic apartment.  Last I heard he was heading up there to make some certificates for one of the after school clubs we do.  I'm not sure how he got stuck being the certificate guy but at most of our school clubs we give out "degrees" to the students when they reach a certain level of skill.  At some point Kid got roped into being the one responsible for that and I'm sure with all the travel in the past few weeks he's gotten behind.

Pinky is hard at work as well.  She wound up getting suckered into sewing up all the prototype Myachi Paddles we're going to be showing off at the upcoming trade show in NYC.  This has actually been keeping her busy for several days.  I tried to assist but I was slowing her down so much with all my basic sewing questions that she politely asked me to stop helping.

Technically speaking we're all "off of work" at this point, but that term is kind of meaningless in our line of work.  As if to exemplify my point, I just had to pause from writing this for ten minutes when Kid came to check out the work Pinky was doing on the paddles.  Some companies would call this R&D but we refer to it as playing.

I try never to let myself forget how lucky I am to be one of the small percentage that gets to earn his living doing something he loves.  In the same sense that I'm never "off of work", I'm also never "at work".  Whether I'm at the HQ, at a school, at the Myachigon or hanging out with my friends/coworkers at the House of Skills, I'm never really "working".  I'm doing something that I love to do and by the luck of the draw there's a paycheck showing up every other Friday because of it.

I suppose there's a larger point here about following your dreams.  The moral of the story can't very well be "be at the right place at the right time" so that's kind of my "go to" tag line in situations like this, but I think it's really about more than that.  It's about the willingness to take chances, the willingness to do without and to make sacrifices, about the willingness to set a list of priorities in your life that doesn't have "get rich" at the top.

That being said, I still thoroughly intend to get rich doing this Myachi thing.  Just because it isn't at the top of the list doesn't mean that it isn't on the list.  I think it's actually at number four after "keep Pinky happy", "Enjoy as much of my life as I can manage" and "brush and floss".  In all honesty, "get filthy rich" might be number five.  "Get better than Mantis at the 4 Myachi juggle" is right up there too.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Welcome to the Myachi Blog

by Crazy Ivan

So here I am at the office on Sunday afternoon with Unknown and Kid Myachi.  We just finished up an epic birthday party for Simon (SMaster) and now that things have slowed down a bit, I figured it would be an ideal time to write the inaugural entry for this new blog.

The Myachi Blog is intended as a insiders pipeline to everything new in the Myachi universe.  I will be blogging at least 5 days a week keeping our readers up to date on all the groovy goings-on from the corporate end of the Myachi world.  In addition, Monk, Pinky, Kid, Bones, Animal, Mav and the other Myachi Masters will be chiming in to keep us up to speed on everything happening on the front lines.

The online community has been one of the main pillars upon which the fortress of Myachi is built.  Ever since our first forum opened in 2003 we have gone out of our way to stay in touch with the disparate enclaves of Myachi mania that have sprung up all over the world.  Whether it's a lone maniac in Cleveland, a group of friends in North Dallas or a school in Beijing we've always tried to keep the community connected.

The Myachi Blog is the next logical step in this effort.  We hope that this will provide yet another resource for Myachi fanatics to stay plugged in to the community and to share their thoughts, stories and questions.  We want as many contributors as possible, so we encourage everyone to chime in on the comments section below or to send questions, suggested blog topics or your own stories/artwork/poetry/myachi-related awesomeness to me at and perhaps we can include it in a future update.

Looks like we chose a perfect week to start the blog.  We have a big week coming up with the immanent filming of the new Myachi commercial so there should be plenty to talk about.  There's also a new series in the pipeline along with some really cool new online concepts coming soon.  Check in with the blog regularly to stay up to date with all the latest and greatest.

Gotta hop.  Looks like Unknown needs a few Ping Pong lessons.  Until next time,

Spread the Word and Keep on Jamming.