Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Science, meet Myachi

This is a guest blog that J-Slack submitted a while back.  It is a perfect demonstration of just how creative STWAKOJ can be.  Thanks J-Slack, for all the hard work.  And to everyone who enjoys this one, rest assured that you'll be hearing more from him again in the future.  So without further ado:

The Results Are In From the Myachi Science Project!

by J-Slack

I really just did this to STW in my school (and that worked very well, some of my friends bought Myachis) lol
Here is the conclusion:

In my hypothesis, I predicted that denim would have the most friction, next the corduroy, and then the least friction would be the microfiber. My hypothesis was partially correct. The corduroy ended up having the most friction, then denim, then finally microfiber
After thoroughly observing the fabrics after testing, I realized why the results occurred. The corduroy was made of strands of fabric twisted together, therefore making it thicker and having a larger surface area.
When exploring further after testing, I thought that the results were the proper ones. I was guessing the ridges would have less surface area, resulting in less friction. But the thickness of the ridges influenced it and gave a different result.
Finally, I realized the perfect way to test. I took an 8-foot ramp, put it at a 40-degree angle, and timed how long it took to slide down. That was the easiest way to test it, because all of the Myachis slid off. But then if you TIME how long it takes for them to slide off, that makes ALL the difference.
I think that next time, I would try to expand my knowledge of DIFFERENT fabrics by testing more (more trials). My goal was to test the best fabric made by Myachi Industries, but ultimately, there was no possible way to do that, seeing as there are over 500 different Myachis, and that there are different stages of how floppy and bent (“Broken In”) a Myachi is. That is an odd controlled variable that can come into an affect when deciding.
So what Myachi fabric has the most friction?

Here's the summary:
My question was: What Myachi fabric has the most friction? I chose this topic because I LOVE the game Myachi. I asked questions and realized that finding a way of testing would be difficult. 
My hypothesis was that denim would have the most friction, then corduroy, then microfiber. I thought this would be true because of the rough surface of the fabric. 
I tested my hypothesis by taking an 8-foot ramp, putting it at a 40-degree angle, sliding the Myachis down it, and timing how long it took for all of them. I controlled my variables by using the same piece of wood, same stopwatch and the same Myachis.  
The averages came out as: 
  • Corduroy: 2.03
  • Denim: 1.4
  • Microfiber: 1.27
When doing my project, I realized that when the Myachi slid down the ramp, it gained momentum. 
My data did not support my hypothesis. I learned corduroy is a great fabric with lots of friction. Next time, I would do more trials with different fabrics. 
Results:Corduroy: Had an average of 2.03. It was the fabric with the most friction in my tests.Denim: Had an average of 1.4. It was the second best in terms of friction.Microfiber: Had an average of 1.27. It was the worst in terms of friction.

Monday, February 6, 2012

JOTYA Winners

by Crazy Ivan

The numbers are going up about 24 hours late and for that I apologize.  We ended up having way more people over for the big game than we intended and I got caught up.  And, of course, the game was spectacularly good and we were all feeling pretty celebratory here in NYC afterwards.  But the final votes have now been counted and the winners are in.

First, a quick congratulations to all the nominees.  While I'm sure everyone scrolled down to the winners before actually reading this, it can't be overstated what an honor it is to be recognized by your peers in a contest like this.  Nominations and votes are by Myachi Maniacs from all over the world (okay, the United States and Switzerland) and while Myachi Masters do sometimes vote in them, the only people controlling the outcome here are the Myachi Maniacs and the nominees themselves.

And of course, my favorite thing about doing the JOTYAs every year is hearing from some former forum regulars that seem to pop in once a year and cast their votes.  So a quick thanks to everyone who voted and took the time to make this the biggest JOTYA to date (over twice as many votes as last year).

So let's start off with the most contentious battle in the whole program, the...


This year we had a great slate of nominees and all of them garnered a few votes, but two of the four were neck and neck throughout the voting process.  It was quite a horse race watching one of them pull ahead and then the other.  In fact, I thought that we were going to have a tie in this category for the second time, but when the last vote came in, it swung the pendulum a hair's breadth toward the winner.  Who won by exactly one vote.

And who is that narrow victor, you might ask?

Why, MMFL, of course who is taking home his second Forum Award.

And while I always feel a pang of sympathy for all the nominees that don't end up winning, I especially feel for Blue Samurai, who came one vote shy of the tie.  So sympathetic, in fact, that he'll be earning a special 5th pick in the sack draft later in the week for an "Honorable Mention" prize.

Now, let's move on to the 2nd most heated battle of the year, the...


This fight was close, but not quite as close as the Forum award.  Where MMFL won by a single vote, the eventual champion in this contest would win by a whopping two.

There was an interesting mix of candidates this year.  3 of the 4 were veterans of the game, but an influential new-comer was also represented.  He may have joined the game recently, but he has the skills of a vet and that's all that matters for this award.  But would his skills be enough to catapult him past legends?

Well, as it turns out, not quite.  There was a solid 4 way battle in this category and the 4th place finisher was only 5 votes behind 1st place, but ultimately it would be the most veteran player in the mix that would win it.

Congratulations to KickStand (aka Coreyster), this year's Trixter Award winner.

And a quick shout out to Helium, who came in a very close 2nd despite having joined the forum on Jan 1st of this year.  What a way to make a quick impression.

Now, let's move on to my personal favorite award, the...


This is the most international of the JOTYAs, having twice gone to the UK and once to a US citizen living in China.  In fact, last year would mark the first time it was ever won by somebody inside the USA.  Any nominee familiar with that history was probably nervous when they saw that Switzerland's favorite Myachi Maniac was among their competition this year.

While this one wasn't quite as close fought as the first two I listed, there was a bit of a battle on this one as well.  It wasn't until Thursday that the eventual winner really started to pull ahead and though he ended up winning by 6 total votes, it was a close race for the first full week of voting.

And once again, this year's STWAKOJ Award will find it's way overseas.  Congratulations to Myachi Max, this year's champion spreader of the word of Myachi.

And a quick shout out as well to J-Slack, who came in 2nd place in this category and earned a pretty substantial number of votes.  To give you an idea how many, while he came in 6 behind Max, he actually garnered more votes in this category than last years winner.

And finally, the most important of all the awards, and the least contended as well, the...


There were four very deserving nominees this year, but it was pretty clear early in the voting who was going to win.  While all four nominees got several votes, in the end it was a landslide.  The winner actually gathered up more votes than all three other nominees combined.  Not only does this speak volumes in such an important and prestigious award, but it will also earn him the top spot in the upcoming Myachi draft.

So a huge congratulations to Downtown Myachi, the winner of the 2nd ever Lifetime Achievement JOTYA.

And thanks again for all the votes, nominations and fun.  Looking forward to next year's already!