Monday, April 15, 2013

A Shout Out to a STWAKOJeer

by Crazy Ivan

It's always nice to meet a Myachi Maniac.  It's even nicer to meet a Myachi Maniac who has been doing such a good job spreading the word that we've already noticed a huge spike in online orders from his hometown.  It's even nicer when that Maniac has ridiculous skills.  And it's even nicer when he shows up to throw down some of those skills at the perfect moment.

So first, the story:

We have a new Myachi Master in Training, Genaro, at FAO (more details when we come up with a nickname for the dude).  He and I were at the store together Saturday morning rocking it out.  He's got a big family of people playing and the two brothers, two sisters and two cousins are all loving it.  They're pretty athletic so he was able to teach them some tougher stuff right away and the oldest of them was working on the Wolverine after only a couple of minutes.

But dad was skeptical.  After all, he says, "You do this for a living though!  These kids are never gonna get as good as you."

Of course, I could have stepped in and pointed out that Genaro had only been doing it for a living for a few weeks.  I could have pointed out that I know at least 200 kids younger than his kids that are better at the game than a brand new Myachi Master.  And that's not a knock on Genaro's skills.  He's really good.  But I know some 10 year olds that have been in this game for 3 years and have the skills to show it.

But I didn't need to say anything.  Because literally seconds after dad says this, a cat walks up that I've never met before.  And he throws down a picture-perfect Matrix.  Keep in mind that Genaro still doesn't have that move.  He's maybe 1 out of 8 on it.  But this kid who's about the same age as the skeptical dad's kids, just wanders up and throws it down like it's nothing.

Turns out he'd learned the game from Lucky a few weeks earlier and somehow he managed to get his hands on a 3.2 Finish Line (and had no idea how rare or awesome that was).  He's infected his whole school with Myachi Mania, so much so that when I started to tell Kid Myach this story he was able to tell me what town the dude lived in just based on where our website orders have been going.

So to Irish in Connecticut, thanks for your spectacular timing this weekend.  And thanks for helping us spread the word out there.  It's because of people like you that this game has grown from an idea to a multinational corporation.  Keep up the good work!

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